72% of Business Professionals get this simple Test Wrong…

Of course you want to improve your Business results – but you’d be amazed at the responses we get to some very simple questions when ask Business People about how they should go about it..

Here’s a little quiz, with possible answers based on real life conversations – see how you get on…

1. What is the #1 thing you can do to improve your business?

    a) Fire the CEO.
    b) Get rid of moaning Clients.
    c) Analyse all processes to establish where positive changes can be made.
    d) Have a new Logo designed.

 2. When is the best time to start improving your business?

    a) Next Quarter.
    b) Now – before our competitors do.
    c) Our business is perfect and cannot be improved.
    d) When we start getting complaints from clients.

3. Can everything in a business be improved?

    a) No, we’ve always done it that way and it works just great.
    b) Absolutely, with the right approach and know how.
    c) But my team are a bunch of idiots.
    d) Don’t need to – we are fine thanks.

4. What’s the best way of reducing costs?

    a) Drive Efficiency and Productivity to grow Profitability.
    b) Get rid of the work force – they don’t like it here anyway.
    c) Screw our suppliers to the ground.
    d) Pay people late.

5. How can you reduce the unproductive time of your employees?

    a) 24,000 Volt Cattle prod would help.
    b) Involve the team in the processes and identify associated costs.
    c) Discipline and warnings are the best way.
    d) Shouting, bullying and passive aggressive management techniques.

6. How can your employees work more efficiently?

    a) Make them work longer hours.
    b) Give greater responsibility, control and flexibility to them.
    c) See 5d above
    d) An upgrade from Windows 98 would be a start.

7. How do you get more profit out of your business?

    a) Don’t pay invoices – just ignore them.
    b) Cancel the Christmas party.
    c) Improving the Productivity and Efficiency of every aspect of it whilst       building Sales and Margins
    d) Who cares – it’s not my money anyway.

8. When changes have been made should you…

    a) Go on holiday and relax.
    b) Keep on monitoring the processes for more improvements and refinements.
    c) Buy a Ferrari.
    d) Drink a bottle of Jack Daniels.

9. How would you encourage your customers to keep coming back?

    a) Hope.
    b) They only come back to complain.
    c) Discount everything.
    d) Through service excellence such that they become raving fans.

10. What help do you need to succeed with your Business Improvement program?

    a) I don’t need anything we can do this all internally – we are all geniuses.
    b) Our CEO knows everything about that stuff.
    c) An experienced Business Improvement company with a great Business Improvement Program.
    d) YouTube has some cool videos. 

Note: You can find the answers at the bottom of this page.

If you got all 10 the answers correct, then we are on the same wavelength and we could do some great work together…

If you got 7 – 9 answers correct, you probably need us more than you think.

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With kind regards,

Frits Steketee


Answers:  1c 2b 3b 4a 5b 6b 7c 8b 9d 10c


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