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Do you want Lunch - or do you want Clients ?

…sometimes you can’t have both…

A while ago I received a request from one of my favourite clients to help them solve their Email issue.

Email is something we really can’t do without, so we jumped onto the challenge immediately in order to get it solved asap…

First step was to call the hosting company…

At exactly 12.15, I picked up the ‘phone and dialed; I heard it ring out, but there was no answer – no voicemail message or anything…

So I thought I’d Email them instead requesting their urgent attention in order to enable me to fix my favourite clients problem…

Again – no response…

As is usual, I had assumed that the Hosting company would be using a ticketing system to organize technical support, but as I didn’t get an auto reply confirming that the Email had been received, I began to get slightly worried…

I even mailed them with the question when they were reachable…. No response!!

 Time had moved on to 13:30 and I was actually thinking that it couldn’t be that they were simply closed between 12:00 and 14:00 for lunch; surely not in a service business…

Was their lunch really more important than to support their clients who was without email for almost 2 hours?


Around 14:10 (2 hours after my initial contact, and with my client being without Email for two hours too…)   

I picked up the ‘phone and gave it a try again and guess what….

They answered the phone !!

Curious as I am (and just had to know), after explaining the email issue I asked if it was normal for this company not to be reachable during lunch time. 

Expecting to hear all kind of excuses which you normally hear that it’s to hectic, employees on holidays, employees being sick etc…. 

I didn’t expect to hear this: 

 ‘Yes, between 12 and 2 we are CLOSED !!!!’


So I asked them what their customer should do if their email doesn’t work anymore because of something the hosting company did. Should they simply have to wait till the lunch is finished?

I got a response that they have a ticketing service where I should have send the issue to…


I told them I’ve sent 4 emails to 3 different email addresses including the support address and that I still wasn’t getting any response from a ticket service or anything else for that matter... 

So yes, I did send it to their support.

‘Could you sent it again? I can’t find the emails’

I asked them how it’s possible not to find 4 emails (at 3 addresses) where I didn’t get an email error on, which means they are delivered in good order.  I had to count to 10 so I didn’t explode – and I almost reached 10 J 

In order to get it solved asap I decided to resend the email. They saw the email now but still no response with a ticket number.

A ticketing service is a really good thing to respond immediately to your customers that they know you’ve received their email and are working on it. 

Only thing is, make sure that it is WORKING !!! 

This is something we, as IT Company, just can’t imagine. Hosting companies have to be reachable 24/7 by telephone or a ‘working’ ticketing service. You just can’t let your customer down just because you want a sandwich and a coffee for lunch.

Is the value of the Lunch really much more important than the value of your Customer Service?

Well, at AliaVita Engineering definitely NOT!!!

At AliaVita Engineering we are always reachable by telephone or email.

Even in the weekend and during Lunchtime!!!

Besides this we are a company choosing our partners to work with really carefully in order to get the best results and customer service you, as our client, deserve !

If you are running into situations like this and need help, just give us a call at +352 621 356 601 or send an email to

We are more than happy to help you, even during Lunch Time J