Inga Sarkisiants - Founder & CEO

Inga Sarkisiants

Founder & CEO

Inga Sarkisiants - Founder & CEO

Frits Steketee

Project Manager

We are a team of talented, passionate IT Developers whose purpose is to deliver truly unique solutions to the challenges of Custom Software Development, Big Data Solutions, Cloud Computing and Business Improvement.

We started out in 2001 being based in the Netherlands, moving to Luxembourgish in 2010, working with both Public and Private sector clients across the business spectrum.

Our rich experience, technical expertise and stringent quality standards means we can guarantee to provide progressive, cost effective, end-to-end solutions for all our clients.

We are great people to do business with, and we recognize that we are in the business of not only providing cutting edge solutions to your technical challenges, but in the business of building long term relationships and customer care.